Our background check identifies people who can't be employed.
Our Profile® identifies people who won't or can't perform the job.

More and more, employers rely on a psychological assessment to fit the applicant with the position. Why?

A) Skills inventory. B) Attitude towards the tasks.
eg. If they can't manage or don't like to, they won't.
eg. If they don't like details, don't hire them for an accounting capacity.

PROFILE® defines 40 critical traits, including dependability, multi-task capability, ability to learn and perform, follow rules, attitude towards co-workers and supervisors.*

PROFILE PLUS®-Managers- defines 44 traits including who can lead, direct, make decisions, inspire, delegate, build a team and is comfortable in a managerial posture.

For SALES- 44 traits, including who will prospect, close, follow up or give up.

* Includes 5 risk measures: Theft, other forms of dishonesty, substance abuse and likelihood of being discharged for violations.

An inexpensive, 4 hour results, paper/pencil or online procedure documented with an overall 90+ percent accuracy.** Your time required? 10 minutes.

Performance Profile Price
Sales/Management Positions $75.00
All Other Positions $40.00

Developed by industrial psychologist Dr. Brian Durbrow for military application. Dr. Durbrow obtained his BA, MSBA, and PHD. He authored tests for the Department of Defense and for College Management courses. He was listed in "Who’s Who in Training and Development," Who’s Who in the Midwest," "Who’s Who in Finance and Industry," and "American Men and Women in Science."

**More than 20,000 subjects were documented over a 14 year period, to verify the more than 90% overall average accuracy of results. Meets or exceeds EEOC, State & Federal standards.

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