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BACKGROUND BUREAU (BBI) has acquired 30 years' experience. We are proud to have been named "founding member" of NAPBS, National Association of Professional Background Screeners. This is the prestigious trade association for our industry.

With over three decades of experience, our reputed background check company has been featured or quoted in Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Discount Merchandiser, HR Professional, Ecruiter Journal, Deverus, Health Care Aide Management and Cincinnati Enquirer


We're considered experts in this field and have been featured or quoted in numerous publications including Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Discount Merchandiser, Health Care Aide Mgm't., ECruiter journal, Deverus and the Cincinnati Enquirer.


In 1993, we acquired UNIFILE, the background check division of a nationwide investigative agency founded in 1980, along with key, licensed investigative personnel. This provided expertise from risk management services to firms such as Standard Oil, General Electric, GTE Sylvania, Zayres stores and Service Merchandise, among others. We know the costs of problem personnel.

Our OneSource applicant management system reduces your time, your costs, your paperwork and involvement. So make us your one-stop shop background check company and come to us for your criminal record background check investigations and any other background check services you might need.


In 1990, we became exclusive providers of Performance Profile, a psychological assessment developed by Dr. Brian Durbrow for the US Government. Its low costs, ease of use and 90% average accuracy are unsurpassed in identifying applicant to job mismatch as well as certain risk factors. Our drug testing operations are conducted in conjunction with Clinet, one of the largest Third Party Administrators in the Country, representing the two leading diagnostic lab networks that exist.


Top management of Background Bureau has 30 years experience in the industry, and held a Private Investigator license for nearly 20 years. Background checks were initiated in response to client theft and employee fraud cases. It became obvious as a significant employer tool even before the tremendous growth of the industry began. We have, for years, been the trend-setter for meaningful changes. Several of the leading National competitors are headed by former employees.


We are a "bigger" small firm, maintaining the ability to provide exceptional client service and customization for client needs. We know our clients. Our "no voice-mail" help desk is quick and easy for clients to give and receive special information or assistance. Better attention to your needs. BACKGROUND BUREAU also provides Exit Interviews, Lost Customer/ Applicant surveys, Tenant Rental checks, Vendor check-out, Wage/Benefit comparison surveys for competitive offers in your operating area, staffing services and other custom surveys and research.

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