To order background checks:

1. Complete and sign Service Agreement and FAX to (859) 781-9540

2. Fax your signed applicant release form to (859) 781-9540 or complete the form online.

3. Indicate your preferred method of receiving results.

NOTE: If you provide us a 6-character password for your account, you will be setup on the interactive where you can review your submissions and or retrieve your results on line. The interactive login is accessible via the homepage.

If you wish to review or access partial or completed reports on the interactive, they will be there the day after you submit your order.
Normal turnaround for completed reports is two business days. Cut-off time for the day is 3:00PM EST. Database information is instant, once your account is set-up and activated.

4. Tell us research desired on an applicant.

Each release provides selection check-off boxes at the bottom of the form. You can choose: Present county of residence courthouse, Present and prior counties, Federal District court, Multi state database, Credit and Driving histories, Education verification, Prior employer verification or prior employment reference investigation, Sex Offender registry, Patriot Act and Workers, Compensation claim history in some States.

To order drug testing services:

You will need to have a conversation by phone or email. We will set up your account, order the chain of custody forms for you to hand applicants, explain retrieval of results and locate the collection centers nearest you. Our preferred service centers are Labcorp. Quest is available.

To order profiles:

1. Go to "Performance Profile" on our web site.
2. Click "questionnaire." Print out and fax or have the applicant complete on-line and submit.

Results are normally returned within 4 hours.

Paying for services:

We invoice bi-monthly. It is easy to set-up an account. We'll provide you a Service Agreement which will define any discounted pricing and will include your billing information. You can also pay via credit card.

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